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About Korver Surname


For the non-dutchies out there, Korver is the name of a profession and can mean either the job of making baskets (a korf) used for fishing or the fisher man itself who used those baskets (a korfer).
Some variations of the name exist (Corver, de Korver, Körver, Kurver, Curver) but it is thought that only Korver and Corver most likely come from the same lines.

There are 11 identified (probably some non related) Korver family lines.  Thanks to Jan Korver (Johannes Anthonius), who did some indepth research, most of these are available on line at
I am from the Westzaan-Assendelft line and my family tree can be found here: Geneanet going all the way back to Holland, Germany, England, France and Belgium amongst others.


  1. Tatia Korver permalink

    Are you related toJames Korver, Dick Korver that reside in the US?

    • quintadoindico permalink

      Hi Tatia, might be. Depend what line of Korvers they come from. Cheers. David

  2. Marielle Korver permalink

    Good stuff! I am also one of many within the Korver Westzaan/ Assendelft branch, my father belongs or forms part of the XIVc generation and is son of XIIIb (Gerardus Korver- 22/06/1908- 08/08/1976). I am extremely interested in finding other Korvers within our family, as I lived most of my life abroad and am trying to ‘reconnect’ one way or another! Keep up the good work!

    • quintadoindico permalink

      There are a couple I know of, like my cousins. And quite a number of Korvers still living in Assendelft / Westzaan are family. The hyves page also has some mentions to our line of korvers. Thanks for the comments cousin 🙂

  3. Jan Willem Korver permalink

    Happy to have stumbled across your domain while sort of in search for more Korvers (with a ‘K’ that is) We seem to be a rare breed. I did a check once on a digital version of the telephone directory which revealed only 750 or so Korver connections listed. I am from Utrecht / Breukelen (yes that’s where Brooklyn NY comes from 🙂 myself but can’t seem to find my roots in the genealogy links you guys posted. In fact. I don’t even know if there’s any connection at all. But there’s bound to be isn’t there? Oh, I am from 1972 BTW. Best. JW. NL

  4. Rennie Korver permalink

    I am Rennie (Reinerus) Korver from the Schagen line of the Korver family. We immigrated to the U.S.A. (New York) in 1957 from Amsterdam. I currently live in South New Berlin, New York State.

  5. Susanna Korver permalink

    HI dad! ( dad=David Korver) I’m david’s daughter but you probably already read that… im am the ecund daughter. 😀
    If you want some questions… you can ask me too. BUT i’m only 13 so keep it simpel xx

  6. Nick Korver permalink

    Hello fellow Korvers i currently live in Netherlands always wondered what my ancestors did in the 800-1500 era anyone knows?

    • quintadoindico permalink

      Depends which Korver line you are from. There are about 6-7 in the Netherlands. Mine started with a guy (of West Swedish origins, who married a woman called Korver by surname).

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