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Take care little mouth what you say

February 4, 2016

Language can be a real barrier or create some hilarious situations.
While having mastered the courage to stand in a long line of cars waiting for the possibility of getting 20 litters of fuel, I started chatting with this older pleasant Zimbabwean white man. We talked about life and stuff and ended up talking about holidays. He asked me where I was planning to go. And this is how the conversation developed:
Him: Are you going anywhere these holidays?
Me: Yeah sure. I am planning to go to the beaches.
Him: To the beaches?
Me: Yes in South Africa.
Him: Are you going alone or with friends?
Me: No, I am taking the family.
Him: You are taking the family to the beaches?
Me: Sure, it will be fun! We are going for 3 weeks, so plenty of places to go to the beaches.
Him: But, what!?
Me: The kids like playing in the sand; I like to do a bit of surfing.
Him, after a short pause: Ooooh! You mean you are going to the beach!!!
I was thinking: yeah dumb old man, this is what I said all along!! But said: Yes, I am.
I realized the confusion an hour later. Beaches does sound like bitches….

My wife had a similar situation while we were enjoying the mixed company of expat friends and local white Zimbabweans. Things were going downhill, so the subject was how on things were getting worse. At which point my wife complained: Yes, all the good cocks have left Bulawayo!!
Some silence ensued. So she repeated: There are no good cocks anymore, it is really hard to find them.
Surprised and suppressed faces in the room after this remarkable statement was followed by laughter all around after someone explained Kok is Cook in Dutch.

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